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Bush snubs D.C. for Texas

Everyone deserves a vacation, but perhaps President George W. Bush needs to have the term defined. Wrapping up a summer “vacation” at his Crawford, Texas ranch, Bush and his staff have insisted that each of these increasingly longer breaks, dating back to March, has been a working stint, full of mind-numbing work and late-hour briefings. However, while Bush has met with his Cabinet, Vice President Dick Cheney and Saudi Arabian Prince Badar, the issue is the appropriateness of the venue.

Because Bush is both from Texas and former governor of the Lone Star state, it makes sense that he loves the place. However, when he ran for president, Bush had to take on a few responsibilities. One of them was living in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital as well as all responsibilities that come with the move. Washington is one of the most well-planned cities in the world, and it is by far an impressive capital. Bush should utilize the tools at his disposal, and the history and grandeur of Washington are definitely two things that his presidency has left untapped.

Besides Bush’s meetings with politicians and world leaders, he has also hosted his financial backers at the ranch. Why does he have to do this in Texas? It seems likely that Bush enjoys the anonymity of meeting with his primary money-makers out of the highly watchful eye of Democrats and campaign finance watchdogs. While no one wants to say it, the secrecy of meeting in Texas may be part of the allure.

The added cost of Bush’s “at home” meetings also discredits the necessity of moving his main operations to Texas. Flying Cheney, members of the Cabinet and Bush to and from Texas is a shameful use of resources that could better be spent on helping to support the highly volatile U.S. economy.

Bush is president of the United States, not a stay-at-home dad who has decided to work from his home office. Bush should say goodbye to the ranch and take up residence in his rightful digs the White House.