Al-Najjar to be released and deported

© ?? Al-Najjar thought his troubles were over in December 2000, when he was released from prison after being held on secret government evidence. And then he was arrested again in Nov., 2001 to await deportation.

Months passed and no country would accept the former USF adjunct professor. Al-Najjar’s lawyers and supporters contended that the government had to find him a country in six months or release him unless it could be proven that he was a danger to society. The six month deadline was in May. Al-Najjar remained in prison throughout the summer.

But now, it appears Al-Najjar has found a country, though family and officials will not release the name of his new home.

Al-Arian said a country to accept Al-Najjar was finally found at great cost to the family and with no help from the government.

“(The government) didn’t do a thing for him,” Al-Arian said. “He would have stayed there forever.”

Throughout the ordeal, Immigration and Naturalization Services have referred inquiries on the matter to the Justice Department. Officials from the Justice Department did not respond to repeated inquiries during the summer. In addition, requests for interviews with Al-Najjar inside the prison were denied by prison officials because of alleged safety and security concerns.

Al-Arian said August 19 is the last day family and friends may visit Al-Najjar. As of Aug. 19 when The Oracle went to press, Al-Arian said Al-Najjar’s deportation would occur sometime before August 26. Al-Arian said his immediate family will join Al-Najjar at his new home in the coming weeks.

Al-Arian said the move will be difficult on Al-Najjar’s daughters, who have lived in the United States throughout their lives.

“His daughters are extremely sad about it,” Al-Arian said. “They have to leave (everything) behind, (and) go into an unfamiliar situation.”

Al-Arian said the entire family is thankful the situation is finally being resolved.

“Hopefully, he’ll go there safely, with no last minute snag,” Al-Arian said. “If everything goes the way it’s supposed to, he’ll hopefully have his freedom and regain his sanity.”