Museum and USF possible partners

While USF played a limited role in the redesign project, downtown leaders suggested that they’d be interested in developing a partnership with the university for exhibits.

The USF School of Visual and Performing Arts previously negotiated with the developer to have shows in The Cube, a six-story structure adjacent to the round “beer can” building at 400 N. Ashley Drive, but officials were unable to reach an agreement.

But according to Emily Kass, director for the Tampa Museum of Art, this doesn’t mean that the door has been closed to USF.

“We had hoped for the School of Arts to have The Cube,” she said. “But there are many opportunities for projects in the future.”

Even Tampa mayor Dick Greco showed interest in having USF arts represented downtown.

“It would be great if the School of Art could be involved,” he said. The mayor added that his office would be willing to consider financial assistance to the department in order to defer some of the cost of maintaining a gallery at The Cube.

Margaret Miller, director for USF’s Contemporary Art Museum, said she hasn’t dismissed the possibility of having a gallery downtown.

“We’re always looking for partnerships with the Tampa museum,” she said. “We would love to be in The Cube.”