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Rockfest Returns

Hey, boys and girls, get out your tents and fill your Tupperware containers with a two-day supply of THC-intensive brownies, it’s Livestock time again. For the 12th year in a row, behemoth Tampa Bay radio station 98Rock heads out to the country to throw a metal-fest featuring a bevy of national acts and a couple of local rockers for good measure. This year’s bill features the horror-flick inspired crunching metal of Rob Zombie, the redneck rap-rock bragging of Kid Rock and the not-so-grungy-anymore Stone Temple Pilots. Erstwhile Alice In Chains’ backbone Jerry Cantrell is also on the bill, along with Sevendust, Puddle of Mudd, Adema and Kevin Martin of Candlebox. The schedule, which spans two days and a pair of stages, also includes approximately two dozen lesser known acts, such as Fu Manchu, Course of Nature and Gravity Kills.

Besides two days of blaring hard rock, expect droves of drunken, mullett-donning hicks, stoned students and a few loaded females in cut-off jean shorts flashing their breasts.

Livestock 12 runs from Friday to Sunday. For more info visit

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