Student publication focuses on freedom

Terrorism and war have inspired USF students to write in a different mood.

Southern Griot, a collection of student writings published every spring semester by the Africana studies department choose this year’s theme to be All Eyes on Freedom.

Patrice Thybulle, editor in chief of the publication, said the idea was spurred by the Sept. 11 attacks and war efforts.

The Griot, which will be printed in a magazine style includes photographs taken by students and about 60 pieces of student work, which will be presented today at 7 p.m. in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center Room 101.

Thybulle, a senior majoring in Africana studies and journalism, said this edition is an emotional one.

“It’s definitely inspiring,” she said. “It’s thought provoking and very empowering.”

Thybulle has been involved with the Griot project for three years. The Griot was first published seven years ago.

E.V. Cherubin, a senior studying history, published three poems in the Griot, but said it’s her untitled poem that epitomizes the message of the Griot.

Part of her poem reads: “Fear becomes so obsolete when freedom stretches her wings and sings.”

Cherubin said each of the poems she contributed to the publication came to her at very special times in her life.

Cherubin said although she is proud to be included in the Griot, she added that being published isn’t the most important aspect of being a writer.

“(Being published) is just the same as me speaking my poems,” she said. “It’s that they are accessible to people that’s important.”

Sophomore Melissa Lormine, an Africana studies major, helped edit the Griot. She said it was a long and tiring process but also a rewarding one.

“It look a lot of long nights but it was fun at the same time,” Lormine said. “It was a great opportunity to be able to read everybody’s things. It was fulfilling.”

Lormine said the Griot embodies an important lesson that all students should recognize.

“It’s true. It’s real,” she said. “It’s something that everybody should hear. It has to do with USF and the U.S. as a community. It brings you a greater understanding of the person within yourself.”

The Griot is a free publication. Writings for next year’s Griot will be accepted beginning next fall.

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