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Candidate for governor comes to speak at USF

Following last week’s Student Government elections, the political momentum is continuing with the presentation of Sen. Daryl Jones at USF. Jones is one of the four leading democratic candidates in the race for the gubernatorial seat in Florida for the upcoming election. If elected as governor, Jones would be the first black candidate in Florida’s history to win the democratic vote.Jones’ seat for the Florida House of Representatives serves District 40, an area of Miami, and since 1998 Jones has served as chairman for the Florida Conference of Black State Legislatures.Among other achievements, Jones graduated with honors from the University of Miami’s School of Law and reached the rank of lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve. In addition, Jones has been honored by many fraternities, sororities and charity organizations for his community service and legislative activities.

“He’s very knowledgeable, and he knows the state,” said Roderick Colbert, a USF graduate student and member of the USF College Democrats.

Despite the lack of general interest in last week’s student body elections, Kinane was positive about the reaction to the senator’s visit.

“We put down 50, but we’re hoping for more.”

Jones will be speaking tonight at 7 in Cooper Hall, Room 125.Nicole Fotovat, president for USF’s College Democrats, said she hopes this event will incite political involvement on campus.

“I’m sure a lot of people haven’t had a chance to meet a senator, so this is a chance for them to get involved,” Fotovat said.

“So that we can all make an informed decision.”

Sean Kinane, member of both organizations, said the reason the Biology Student Organization is interested in Jones is to have the chance to listen to what plans he has if elected.

“We’re concerned with ecological issues, and getting involved in politics is one way we can affect change,” Kinane stated.

One of Jones’ main platforms in the upcoming election is education, and Kinane said Jones didn’t hesitate to accept his invitation to speak to students.

“His people were one of the first to contact me,” Kinane said. “They were very excited about coming.”

The event will be hosted by the Biology Graduate Student Organization and USF’s College Democrats. The organizations also plan to bring the other three democratic gubernatorial candidates to campus before the end of April. Kinane said tentative dates have been set for candidates Bill McBride and Lois Frankel, and a date for Janet Reno is being considered.

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