Election results announced tonight

Rainy weather didn’t seem to keep students from participating in Student Government elections Wednesday.

The number of voters was recorded at 783 at about 6 p.m. between both tickets: incumbents Mike Griffin/Dave Mincberg and challengers Joe Nirenberg/Lakia Stewart. The tally was consistent with the pace of votes in last year’s elections, said David

Armstrong, business manager for SG.

But no announcement will be made on who is ahead until the final results are tabulated tonight.

“It wouldn’t be fair for either party for me to say who is ahead right now,” Armstrong said. “We don’t want them to read one is ahead and then they are dissatisfied with the results.”

The online polls close at 7 p.m. and results are expected to be announced at 7:15 tonight in Marshall Center Room 270.Armstrong said that during last year’s elections around 6 p.m. on the first day of voting, about 800 people had voted and at 9 p.m., 1,100 votes were placed.

Mike Griffin, student body presidential candidate, said the rain Wednesday limited the areas where he and Mincberg could campaign, but they found other places on campus to speak with students.

“The weather threw us a curve ball today,” Griffin said. “We just went through places around campus and reminded them to vote.”

Griffin said the Web site for his campaign has a good response from students. It has a link to the page where students can vote.

Griffin said if the elections don’t turn out in his favor, he will help the transition for the new student body president.

“It’s been an amazing year, and we have dealt with a lot,” Griffin said. “I will try my hardest to ensure the transition is good.”

Nirenberg said campaigning the past few weeks and today has helped him learn more about issues at the university, and if he is not selected, he wants to continue his involvement with students.

“I found out today they are disbanding the Learning Communities,” Nirenberg said. “If Mike wins, I want to work with him to express my views, and that this is important to continue at the university.”

Nirenberg said the weather didn’t effect him or Stewart in campaigning either, but the lack of students did.

“We reached a lot of people today and the number counted may be affected by the rain, but not a lot,” Nirenberg said. “We are looking forward to a good day tomorrow. We will be going to the residence halls and talking to more student organizations.”

Tammi Wilson, supervisor for the Election Rules Committee, said she had not received any complaints or violations of either ticket from their campaigns.

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