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Pink: M!ssundaztood (Arista)

Pink (Alicia Moore) took a more active role in the production of her sophomore album, M!ssundaztood. Pink controlled her management and her writing, birthing an album with a more rock-inspired sound.

Instead of covering a rock classic, as some of her fellow pop counterparts such as Britney Spears have, Pink sings with a rock star. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) contributed to M!ssundaztood with a duet entitled, “Misery” – a sultry song showing off both of their distinct vocal abilitities melting into one.

Song topics on M!ssundaztood range beyond the grieving of an ex and “getting the party started.” Pink touches on issues such as a painful family divorce (“Family Portrait”) and feelings of confusion and unwanted loneliness due to her newfound fame (“Lonely Girl”).

Simplicity, innocence and immaturity become a theme when listening through the 14 tracks. This brings a raw and truthful essence to each song.

During, “Family Portrait,” Pink laments, “Can we work it out? Can we be a family? I promise I’ll be better. Daddy please don’t leave.” The 22-year-old Pink sounds more like a 6-year-old questioning what she did wrong rather than a young adult. With the combination of her strong vocal ability and innocent song writing, Pink genuinely convinces her audience of her right to fame.

Andrea Papadapoulos is a freshman majoring in mass communication.