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Bulls battle back

After losing Monday to No. 53 New Mexico State, the USF women’s tennis team goes against No. 68 University of Oregon (8-9) today at 2 p.m.

The Ducks will arrive at USF after defeating UCF Monday, 4-3. Oregon coach Jack Griffin said, “It was a good match for us since we haven’t been outdoors for a while. We put the match away 4-0 pretty quick, which showed a lot of character and desire of our team.”

Oregon has not played USF since an NCAA Tournament match in Palo Alto, Calif. in May 1999. The Ducks took the match 5-1. USF coach Bedingfield remembers playing the Ducks several years ago.

“Oregon is a tough team, but we are right there with them,” Bedingfield said.

The Bulls are not planning to let the Monday match interrupt their future match. Senior Natalie Schwartz said that Monday was a bad day for her, but today’s outlook appears much better.

“I am feeling much better. Recovering from being sick can take time,” Schwartz said. “I just have to move my feet again. I haven’t in a while, but (Monday) I was impatient and just wanted to put the ball away. I have to be patient against Oregon.”

USF freshman Patricia Kolendo was one of two USF players to win their singles matches on Monday. It will be her first time competing against them. She is hoping to learn all she can about opposing teams in order to prepare for seasons in the future. “I am excited about playing Oregon, I want to learn as much as I can about my opponents. I (have been advised) they are a tough team.”

“We just have to work on closing the match when we have the opportunity,” Bedingfield said. “We seem to be on a roller coaster. One player will win one match, and then the next day they will lose.

“We need to work on consistency as a team. Without that we won’t win any matches.”

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