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Good Food, Less Money

For students who are just getting a taste of the real world, going to college can be a real drain on funds. One of the costs associated with living on your own is food. Aside from random visits back to the nest to raid the fridge, students often need to pay for their own meals. That?s why Features decided to run a story on what some of The Oracle staff considers the best cheap meals available on or around campus. Staffers were told they had the option of either going out or buying supplies at the grocery store and preparing the meal at home.

Kevin Graham (Editor in Chief) ? “IHOP Appetizer Sampler. It has variety, it?s cheap and when Miss Julia?s there, it?s good service.”

Michelle Demeter (Opinion Editor) ? “Can?t beat China Star. They have a good variety of food, they make it fast, and it?s very cheap. You can get in, get out. They?re very polite.”

Wilfredo Colón (Production Assistant) ? “White rice and tuna fish. You get all the proteins you need out of it, and it costs less than 70 cents to make. How can you go wrong?”

Anthony Gagliano (Assistant Sports Editor) ? “Large Five-Star plain pizza delivered. It?ll last you three meals and costs like eight bucks. If you get toppings, that?s gonna cost you a little more. I?ve lived for days on end on that.”

Sebastian Meyer (Production Assistant) ? “Everything I eat is cheap, so it?s a little hard to think of anything ? other than Ramen noodles.”

Kelly Icardi (Staff Writer) ? “Kraft Macroni and Cheese. Because it?s 19 cents a metric ton, it tastes good, and it hasn?t killed me yet.”

Khari Williams (Sports Editor) ? “The best cheap food is the food they give away on campus at events like Patio Tuesday. The food isn?t always that great, but it saves you lunch money.”

Ryan Meehan (Managing Editor) ? “Peanut Butter and Jelly (no explanation given).”

Chris O?Donnel (Staff Writer) ? “Quesadilla ? because it?s so easy. You just take a bit of cheese, put it on a corn tortilla and heat it up until the cheese melts.”

Stefanie Green (News Editor) ? “If I was low on money and I had to buy something to eat, I think I?d go to either Subway or Chick-Fil-A. No, I?m going for Subway. It?s healthy, fast, and they?ve got the best cookies.”

Megan Sullivan (Copy Editor) ? “If I only have like 5 dollars left, I go to Publix to buy milk and cereal. I can live on cereal. I usually buy Cinnamon Toast Crunch.”

Alison McLennan (Copy Editor) ? “I usually go to Wendy?s. I like their 99 cent menu. You can get a medium Coke, medium fry and a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger for $3.18. And it?s good.”

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