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Ceremony honors top students

Student Support Services recognized over 100 students at the 14th Annual Awards and Scholarship Ceremony Thursday afternoon. The ceremony, ?Stars in the USF Galaxy,? recognized students who have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, excel academically, major in an underrepresented field, exhibit leadership skills on campus and are student support services participants.

The ceremony was opened by Maria Ameer and Ovett Wilson from student support services and by Tennyson Wright, vice provost.

Harold Nixon, vice president for student affairs presented the awards along with Thelma Benton, assistant vice president for academic support and achievement.

Money for the student awards was raised at USF as well as in the Student Support Services, Director Reba Garth said.

?Based on our staff?s fundraising efforts and partnerships with various university entities, we raised over $17,000 for our students.?

Garth said that Student Support Services provides scholarships as a means of student retention, to lessen the time students have to work and to decrease student loans.

The most anticipated awards of the afternoon, The Model Student of the Year and The Student of the Year, received enthusiastic applause. The Model Student of the Year award went to Charles Gossage III and Wynette Wright. The award for Student of the Year went to Sancian Crawford. Gosssage, Wright and Crawford were applauded for their outstanding work in the program, as were most of the recipients. Awards were given to students in the form of cash awards and bookstore stipends.

Robert Davis of Project Upward Bound, was recognized with an award for Outstanding Faculty and Staff for his work with the student support services program.

The ceremony was sponsored by Joseph Jackson of Outback Steakhouse who is also the Director of Inclusion and Diversity for USF. Jackson was given an award in recognition of the time he gives to the university and his association with Outback Steakhouse. Samuel Wright, associate dean for student relations ended the ceremony with encouragement for the recipients. Wright said, ?Reach out for your dreams, let nothing stop you.?

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