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Wightman wins behind career best

The USF men’s golf team sought to redeem itself after a dismal 14th place in the LSU Spring Invitational. This time things were different, and USF shot a much better game Monday and Tuesday in the Cleveland Golf Collegiate Championship in Aiken, SC.

USF placed second in the three-round tourney by hitting a solid 851, but the big highlight of the tournament was USF senior Tele Wightman nailing his career-best performance of 204, which was an astonishing nine under par.

Wightman had to go through some tough competition to win it all, defeating Johnson Wagner of the victorious Virginia Tech in a sudden-death playoff.

Wightman played consistently through the invitational, hitting lows of 68-69-67 in the rounds.

The last time Wightman placed in the top 10 was in the Ron Smith Golf Tournament, where he shot 75-68 for an 8th place finish.

And Wightman wasn’t the only one leading the Bulls to their great performance. Senior Jay Cavanagh hit 68-71-74 for an 18th place finish, while senior Ricky Carrillo landed in 25th with a 215.

  • Mary Goodman