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It’s official: Only two SG tickets

The paperwork is in, filed and ready to go. The race is on for the 2002-03 candidates for student body president and vice president.

Incumbents Mike Griffin and Dave Mincberg and juniors Joe Nirenberg and Lakia Stewart are the only two tickets students will see during this year’s Student Government elections. Tuesday was the deadline to declare candidacy and to turn in all paperwork.

Senior John P. Johnson, who had earlier expressed interest in running, said Tuesday that he will not run for student body president because he could not find a running mate.

“I am running for senator for education though,” Johnson said.Nirenberg said that he and Stewart have been meeting for the past few weeks and have started working on their campaign.

“We will begin heavy campaigning right after spring break,” Nirenberg said. “We are using this time to finalize ideas and to get geared up for the campaign.”

Mincberg said he and Griffin have began talking to different student organizations but are still formulating their platform.

“Besides meeting with different organizations, we are trying to get our Web site up and ready after spring break,” Mincberg said. “We have also been trying to gather feedback to add to our platform.”

An online election will take place on April 3 and 4.

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