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SG heads to the Capital for USF Day

Student Government travels to Tallahassee today for a visit to the State Legislature. USF Day at the Capitol is an opportunity to speak directly to the state legislators about issues that are important to USF.

Melissa Haas, SG senator and chairwoman for the event, said it is a big lobbying effort on the part of the students.

“We will be sitting in the Capitol. We hope to see a resolution passed for USF honoring the Division I-A football team and talk about issues such as the budget cut,” Haas said.

Haas said the goal is to inform the legislators about USF and to recognize that the students care.

“The majority of us are all SG, and there are a few graduate students who are attending as well,” Haas said.

This is the second year that SG has spent a day at the Capitol, Haas said, and she expects a big turn out.

“Last year we had about eight people attend. This year we have 75 students coming,” she said. “It makes the students at USF realize who we are and to get to know us.”

The students, along with USF President Judy Genshaft, some Board of Trustees members including student body president Mike Griffin, left Monday but will attend the event today.

“(Attending) says, ‘Wow’ to the Legislature; that USF cares about their university,” Haas said.

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