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Wu Tang Clan kick it in T-Town

The promotional flyer claimed all members of the Wu Tang Clan would be present and accounted for, but if you’re familiar with the Wu, the chances of that happening are about as good as Ol’ Dirty Bastard making it through a calendar year without being incarcerated. So minus Method Man and ODB, the Clan delivered a spirited show featuring equal parts old material and new tracks Sunday at Twilite in Ybor City.

The best part of any Wu Tang show stems from the diversity within the crew. Each member has had at least one solo release, in addition to the four group albums. As is typically consistent at their shows, Clan members come to the stage one by one, each spitting bars from their parts of Wu songs or their own material.

The intimate atmosphere of Twilite made for a perfect backdrop, providing the audience with a sense of personal interaction. Seeing the Clan on stage at an arena doesn’t come close to experiencing the whirlwind performance of the Wu at a smaller venue. Twilite’s sound system filtered in heart-shuddering bass while keeping the mic levels consistent and clear – something not easily accomplished when all the members of the Wu take the stage together for the final third of the show.

The highlight of the performance had to be Ghostface Killah, whose crisp delivery and unmistakable wordplay is rivaled only by his signature dress code. The self-proclaimed “Great Ghostini” appeared from backstage rocking a New England Patriots jersey, a red crushed velvet bathrobe and a gold medallion the size of a curling stone draped around his neck.

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