RHA goal: Appoint state board this weekend

A dozen members of the Residence Hall Association from across the state will visit USF this weekend for the annual State Conference for the Florida Association of Residence Halls.

Jay Chiang, FARH conference chairman and six sub-chairpersons and several volunteers will host the conference entitled “Renaissance.” The title was chosen to reflect the “imagination of the delegates and (because) it symbolizes the enlightenment of the residence life programs at other schools,” a news release announcing the conference said.

Chiang said one of the conference’s main goals is to elect the state board, consisting of six positions including director and finance director.

Representatives from the 12 schools, including Florida State University and the University of Florida, will take part in various programs discussing residence life and different issues involved in living on campus.

The 2002 conference also marks the 10th anniversary of FARH.

Chiang said the RHA at USF is much different from the organization at other state universities.

“We’re much smaller,” Chiang said. ” But we’ve grown a lot.” Chiang also said that the student resident population at USF is 3,800 – a number the RHA hopes to increase.

Chiang said residents will be well represented at the conference, though individual students are unable to attend.

Chiang said there will be several delegates in attendance, all of whom are freshmen, who will discuss any issues they feel are important to the resident population.