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Incumbents only ticket at interest meeting

At the first student interest meeting Friday to campaign for student body president and vice president, only one ticket showed up: the incumbents, student body president Mike Griffin and vice president Dave Mincberg. The meeting was held for students interested in running and declaring their candidacy.

Griffin and Mincberg signed a letter of intent to run Friday, which means they can start fundraising and campaigning. Griffin said they will officially declare once he fills out some more paperwork.

“I wanted to run again for a lot reasons,” Griffin said. “The biggest being that we accomplished a lot this year.”

Both Griffin and Mincberg were given this year’s election rules to follow.

“As of now Griffin and Mincberg will be allowed to start campaigning but need to follow the rules for the election, said David Armstrong, Student Government business manager.Some of the rules include no chalking on the ramps of the Marshall Center, and if they want to speak about their campaign, they must clock out or talk about it after work hours.

Tammi Wilson, election rules commissioner, said the finalized rules are still being finished and will be done by the next meeting. The last meeting for potential candidates will be Friday at 5 p.m. in MC130. The deadline to apply for the 2002 election will be March 5, while the online election will be held on April 3 and 4.

Griffin said there has been only one student to run for re-election and win, which was in 1995-96.

“Some have tried in the past but were not successful,” he said.Griffin said he and Mincberg can change that.

“Historically, the job takes a lot out of a person,” Griffin said. “This year I have treated this job like a marathon not a sprint.”Griffin and Mincberg will be running together on a joint ticket, with the platform of the accountability measure.

“Dave and I will have a good time with our campaign,” he said. “It’s not a normal thing to run for a second term, but we are not trying to make history. I love what I do.”