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Editorial: Mike Tyson shouldn’t fight

Though there is little surprise the Nevada boxing commission voted not to let Mike Tyson fight in Las Vegas, what is surprising is that a such a violent man is not in jail for the batteries and rapes he has committed.

Tyson belongs in jail or at least a mental institution where he can regain a sense of what is right and wrong, both in and out of the ring.

Tyson has ironically been both a great success and a failure, but through it all, he remains one of the sporting world’s most recognizable names. Tyson was set to fight Lennox Lewis in Las Vegas, but a news conference brawl in which Tyson reportedly bit Lewis’ thigh and the possibility of at least two rape charges have landed Tyson only court dates.

Tyson was always a different boxer and played to the media and his fans.

He perfected his tough-guy image, but he has greatly overplayed that part in the past decade. His debacle with Evander Holyfield, during which he bit off a piece of Holyfield’s ear, sparked much debate about his right to box and his sanity.

The recent attack at a news conference sealed Tyson’s fate in Las Vegas at least. Lewis, despite the attack, still wants to fight Tyson, and promoters from around the world are offering Tyson and Lewis the opportunity to fight in their countries if the United States won’t permit it.

But the fight shouldn’t happen anywhere. Tyson belongs in jail, again, where he needs to learn that boxing does not include teeth, nor does it give him a license to commit sexual felonies. It is too bad he has no money and faces so many charges, but it should also be understood he is a grown man who has been given several opportunities to reform.

Now it is time for him to take responsibility for his actions.