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Editorial: Gov. Bush’s daughter needs help

Everyday problems affect everyone – even the governor of Florida. His daughter, Noelle Bush, was arrested Tuesday for trying to fraudulently obtain a prescription of Xanax. Perhaps Miss Bush is seeking help in an awkward way, but one that has become almost commonplace in today’s youth.

She should be punished for her crime but should also be given an opportunity to rehabilitate and find help for whatever problems she may be experiencing.

Being the daughter of a governor and the niece of the president surely can be stressful, but that is certainly no excuse for breaking the law. Miss Bush has been involved in several car accidents (none drug or alcohol related), been in and out of colleges and lives alone. She perhaps lives a lonely, confused life in which she cannot decide what to do with herself.

Miss Bush allegedly posed as a doctor, phoned in a prescription and called later asking when she could pick it up. The pharmacist noticed several discrepancies in the way the prescription was ordered, saved the voice mails and called the supposed physician, who was found to be moving. Police were waiting for Miss Bush when she went to pick up the prescription. The prescription for Xanax, which she tried to procure, is typically prescribed to people suffering from anxiety or sleep disorders.

Perhaps this is just the finishing touch that shows she needs help. This is Miss Bush’s first violation against the law, but most likely she won’t end up in jail. First-time violators of fraudulent prescriptions are usually sent to drug court where they are given the opportunity to sober up in lieu of receiving a criminal record. Maybe this will be a wake-up call for Miss Bush and what she needs to finally seek help for whatever problems may be plaguing her.