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Column: The spirit of GreenbergOpolis

Whoever said there is no spirit on this campus needs to come to the Sun Dome and meet some people. My name is Collin, and I am a resident of GreenbergOpolis.

I have always been a Bulls basketball junkie, but after this season, if USF hoops were a drug, they’d have slapped the paddles on my chest already. I’ve camped out for four days for front row seats (Florida). I’ve road-tripped over 10 hours each way to see a two-hour game (at Tulane). I turned down a date to go alone to a women’s game. Allegedly, two nights before the UF game, I aided in a road trip to Gainesville where the entire campus was covered in shoe polish saying things like “Go USF” and “Bulls #1” on buildings like the library and the O’Connell Center.

The guy in the pictures only looks like me, I swear.

And today after class, I’m going to see the Bulls destroy UCF on their garage of a home floor.

However, I pale in comparison to the sheriff of our tent city, Terry Lucas. The tattoo on his arm is Chinese characters meaning “South Florida Loyalty.”

The license plate on his Jeep: NO2UF. He’s the kind of guy whose enthusiasm is so infectious that when he calls you at 4 p.m. the day before a road game in Louisiana, you’re on the road by midnight. He’s really started something special here.There have been some unforgettable moments.

Destroying Cal was tremendous. Eight of us getting out of our cabs at Tulane’s Fogelman Arena after being on Bourbon Street, chanting “Let’s Go Bulls,” then taking a lap around the top of the building during our victory was incredible.

The hardest part has been the heartbreakers.

Nonobsessed friends actually come up to me after a loss and ask, “Are you OK?” My dejection must be written all over my face. Last Saturday against Cincinnati was tough. They made some big shots and probably deserved the game. But the refs made it look like they were laying the 6.5 points offshore (Can the conference fine a columnist?). Steve Logan got NBA style officiating like he was Jordan in his prime. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

This emotional rollercoaster has become my life. I spent the week getting flamed on message boards from UC fans fuming that I dared to mention the criminal history of their players. I wake up every morning and check to see how our opponents’ wins and losses affected our power ranking.

I’m in the process of finding potential hotels and flights to go to exotic locales like Birmingham, Ala., and Hattiesburg, Miss., to see my team.

hope this isn’t the last year for this insanity and that others will pick up the tradition we’ve started. Making the NCAAs and signing Seth Greenberg to a contract extension will help. Tremendous alumni support like that from which helped pay for gas and the speeding ticket we incurred on the way to New Orleans, will help. But to make this stick, we’re going to need as many green and gold lunatics as we can find.

So stop by our tents. We’ll be the guys in the funny hats discussing the merits of the 1-3-1 trap and when Reggie Kohn’s stress fracture will heal.

God, we need help.

  • Collin Sherwin is a senior majoring in political science.