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Cash stolen from locker room inside Sun Dome

The Marquette women’s basketball team may have won its game Friday against the Bulls, but the Golden Eagles certainly lost much more.

University Police Sgt. Mike Klingebiel and Marquette Sports Information Director Blain Fowler confirmed that during the game between USF and Marquette Friday night at the Sun Dome, someone entered the Golden Eagles’ locker room and stole some items. Cash and a camera were stolen from the Marquette coaching staff and at least one player.

According to Fowler, after the game, the team planned to go out to eat and then play a round of miniature golf. When they went to pay, the coaching staff realized that they had money stolen. The team then went back to the Sun Dome and filed a complaint with the authorities.

Klingebiel said the facility showed no signs of damage, meaning the perpetrator(s) didn’t have to break into the locker room. There are five victims according to the report filed by the Marquette staff. The amount of money stolen was estimated at $655, in addition to the camera that was taken. Klingebiel said the investigation is still active.

“You’d like to thing your stuff is safe, but you can’t assume,” Fowler said. “These things happen. It’s the first time for us, and I hope I don’t see a trend set. That’s what’s most concerning – ensuring guests’ belongings are safe. We want the same treatment on the road as we have (at home).”