BOT to vote on final planning document

Presenting a final version of the university’s new Mission, Goals, Values and Visions plan is high on the agenda for today’s Board of Trustees meeting.

Task force members had town meetings to get student, faculty and staff input on what should be included in the document, which is designed to be a guide for the university’s planning processes during the next five to seven years. After a meeting on Monday, the task force trimmed the document from more than one page to a single page.

The Mission, Goals, Values and Visions statement includes things such as engaging the university in partnerships that respond to community issues, improving undergraduate and graduate academics, helping advance community development and strengthening cultural and ethnic diversity.

Committees will be assigned in order to assure things outlined in the document are achieved, said Jack Wheat, special assistant to President Judy Genshaft.

“Our trustees actively engaged the whole university community,” Wheat said. “This is a unique thing and it’s a great thing.”

During her remarks at today’s meeting, which is scheduled from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Campus View East of the Phyllis P. Marshall Center, Genshaft will talk about the budget cuts and what they mean to USF, Wheat said.

“Budget cuts make it clear we’ve got to have other sources of income besides the state,” said Wheat.

Those other sources will come from increasing private funding and raising externally supported research, Wheat said.Other items on the agenda include approval of an athletic fee increase and approval of presidential authority for initiating and settling lawsuits, among other things.

  • Kevin Graham