Bull Bytes 12/5

Q: How did you guys get the idea to paint yourselves from head to toe with green and gold paint?
A: Walter – My father and mother had season tickets to the Florida State football games, and up there they have the Garnet and Gold Guys …. they said they wanted us to do it, it was a good idea because they wanted all the schools to get involved in painting up like them. So they said, ‘Go for it.’ We did it one game and everybody liked it, so we just kept on doing it now for three years.

Q: Do you paint everything green and gold?
A: Walter – It’s a mystery. We’ll leave it at that.
Brian – We won’t give out that information. We like to let all the moms in the crowd wonder. We get a lot of moms yelling at us, saying, ‘Take off your towel!’

Q: What do women think of guys who wear towels?
A: Walter – I guess they like it. They always try to pull our towels off. We’re so damn sexy. The Green and Gold Guys are also a fashion statement.
Brian – The green and gold paint tends to hide the gut, too. If you look at pictures, you don’t notice the chub. So it takes off about 10 pounds … definitely a couple ladies’ men here.

Q: What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?A: Walter – We’d have a lot of people who say that they really appreciate us being real spirited for the school, and that they hope that we kinda pass it on to other people – just keep doing it and make it a USF tradition.

Q: What’s the worst insult?
A: Walter – ‘Have you graduated yet?’
Brian – Usually it depends how much beer they’ve had, too, on the insults. But it’s all fun.

Q: Do you guys ever get cold wearing towels?
A: Brian – Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Walter – At the beginning.
Brian – We’ve gotten used to it now.

Q: Do people still look at you funny?
A: Brian – All the time.
Walter – There still are people who have never even seen us. There still are people that look at us weird. But that’s life.
Brian – I get that all the way, though. Painted or unpainted, I get plenty of looks. Walter – That’s why we do it, though. We don’t care what people think about us. We just live our lives and have fun.

Q: Do you guys have anything special planned for the Florida game Saturday?
A: Walter – We’ll be there, and we’ll talk to the people down below like we do every game and let them decide what they want us to do.
Brian – Like go on the court, throw some T-shirts out or something.

Q: Are you guys sportsmen?
A: Brian – Yeah, we play intramural sports. We were on the same team.
I’m going to try to head coach a little league team, too, in basketball.
Walter – I play soccer for the State of Florida in the Suncoast League.

Q: What do you guys want to do with your lives after college?
A: Brian – I’m going to try to stay in athletics, and do something behind the scenes. I’m not going to paint myself the rest of my life, but I’m going to try to maybe work with USF and move on from there.
Walter – I’m going to try to be an advertiser and work internationally.