Editorial: Preachers have freedom of speech

While many people look at the unpleasant side of the family of preachers that visited the campus Wednesday, good did come from the two-day-long sermon.

People walked away wondering where this family went wrong. They questioned what Christianity teaches, what their own beliefs are and why so many people would stand around for so long to hear this group yelling at passersby.

The college campus is an open forum for people to express themselves and speak their minds to a captive audience.

The great thing about the preachers being on campus, expressing their thoughts and logic is that they are allowed to do so by law.

The First Amendment, which includes freedom of speech, religion and assembly gives that family the right to speak out. It also gives every American the right to do so as well without being persecuted or prevented.

Allowing a group or individual to say what they want, when they want and to whom they want affords every citizen the right to speak freely.

The combination of a college campus and having the right to say anything is an open invitation to good, bad and unheard-of views.

While some deliver their message in an intense manner, people are not forced to follow one religion or another.

Americans are allowed to publicly disagree with their leaders, whom they appoint, as well as to assemble, illustrating disagreement.

While many may not agree with the Smock family or other religious zealots like them, everyone should agree that they have every right to speak.

If they were unable to express their beliefs, then everyone would eventually be silenced.