Resolution clears first of three stages

A resolution to make a grade of A+ worth 4.33 points cleared its first hurdle this week – the Undergraduate Council. The council passed the resolution 11 to zero with three voters abstaining.

While the points are .33 more than the A+’s current weight of 4.0, a student’s total grade point average would not exceed 4.0 overall.

Senior Yousef Turshani is spearheading the resolution and wants it to be in effect for fall 2002. He said the new system would be fairer for students.

“It was completely unfair,” he said. “It punished the overachieving student.”

He said it did not make sense for grades of A- to have points when an A+ did not.

For the resolution to go into effect, it needs to pass the graduate council and the Faculty Senate. The senate, who approved the plus/minus grading system last summer, would again have the power to approve the 4.33 weight.

  • Selina Roman