Letters to the Editor 11/28

Israel justified in use of violence against Palestinians

I am writing this in response to Mr. Mustafa Ideis’ Tuesday letter to the editor. Here are some reasons for Israel’s behavior toward Palestine:

Israel was established on May 14, 1948 at 4 p.m. when David Ben-Gurion gave his radio address. At that time, the Israelis on the border of Israel were fighting off Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The spiritual leader of Palestine’s Muslim Haj Amin al-Husseini was quoted as saying to his followers: “I declare a Holy War, my Muslim brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”

That was Israel’s first official contact with its neighbors.Next we have Yasser Arafat. The Palestine Liberation Organization was created by Ahmed Shukeiry in January 1964 with the purpose of “the elimination of the Jewish state and its replacement by an Arab state called Palestine.”

After the Six Day War, Arafat took control of the P.L.O. and decreed that all Israelis and Jews are enemies, and any means are justified in fighting them. The list of terrorist attacks and atrocities carried out in Israel and around the world on his orders are numerous.

He is also now considered the voice of Palestine. Even though he has now abandoned violence he is unwilling or unable to stop attacks against Israeli citizens.

Citizens are the heart and soul of a country and every nation must protect its citizens. So Israel fights fire with fire; violence with violence. Palestine picked the game, Israel just plays it better.

  • Preston Hill is a sophomore majoring in anthropology.

    Efficiency and smiles belong in fast-food service

    I was very surprised to see that Benjamin Straight had six years of experience in food service. With six years of experience behind him, I would have thought he knew better than to say that the fast food industry is only obligated “to deliver a product in an expedient, correct manner to the customer” and to leave the customer with the responsibility of making sure the order was received correctly.

    Fast food workers are also required to pay attention to a customer’s order, and to do it with a smile. I have worked in a fast food mall unit for three years. We have just as much business, if not more business than the Subway in front of Cooper, yet we all manage to do our work with pleasant dispositions. We do our work accurately, and we double check with the customer to ensure the correct order was placed.

    I would have thought that Benjamin Straight, of all people, would have known that customer service is as vital as food accuracy and food quality. Of course we employees owe the customer a smile while making their sandwich.

    Look at the pizza trailer next to the engineering building. Every time I eat there, the employees smile and do their work efficiently. They make getting pizza an enjoyable experience. They are what fast food service is about, not Subway.

    I agree with Mary Brunner and her opinion of Subway, and like her I will repeat, “If you can’t handle the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

    • Tristan Bradshaw is a freshman majoring in biology.