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Greetings from GreenbergOplis

Nov. 19 – The crowd officially designates Fordham’s 360-pound center Glenn Batemon to the Jenny Craig diet. No turkey for him come Thursday.

Nov. 22 – Happy Thanksgiving to everyone from GreenbergOplis … well, almost everyone. As Robbie and I trekked out last night to Tia’s, Bennigan’s, and then The Greenery, my three-week old Jeep fell prey to its first attack. Figuring a bed would be more appropriate than my air mattress after a long night out, my decision-making proved disastrous. Waking up with the thought of a nice T.V. turkey dinner, I discovered my Jeep had an unexpected visitor. The visitor, thinking it was more like Christmas than Thanksgiving, decided my CD deck would look nicer if it was neatly removed from my dash. If I had only stayed in my nice winter condo last night.

What was Dallas coach Dave Campo thinking? Go for two, nah … Oh yeah, who is this guy they call Bobby Paschal? After having a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with an alumnus and his family, we talked a little South Florida hoops. This proud Sigma Nu said Paschal dissed him and 38 of his alumni fraternity brothers when they tried to get decent season tickets a couple years back. Now, they’ll never go to another USF hoops game. Please Mr. Paschal, find this 1973 graduate and make amends.

Nov. 23 – End up compromising with the Mexican cooks at my work. I get to listen to the Bulls basketball game on the radio if I introduce them to my sister when she’s back in town. What a deal! Jimmy Baxter makes my long day at work great as he pours in 16 points on 7-10 shooting. Get this; “Baxter Inc.” only played 10 minutes. If Jimmy had taken his 30 shots like Robbie and I had instructed him during the preseason, he would have hit for 48 points that night. Can you feel me, Jimmy?

Nov. 24 – Robbie, the die-hard Canes fan, decides to stay at home so he can give me Internet updates on the Bulls basketball game. In his absence, Robbie misses one of the most memorable football games since I’ve been at USF. Sidney Simpson made the heavens and his partner-in-crime smile when he scores his first TD on a blocked punt. Then, Superstar DeAndrew Rubin breaks loose for a 91-yard punt return TD sending the crowd into a frenzy. D-Rube, you’re the man. Topping the night off, Bulls win big again in hoops! Bring on Pittsburgh.

Nov. 25 – Slim (Gerrick Morris) has eight blocked shots, bringing back memories of last season’s GW game. Tron steals MVP honors, but that is the furthest thing from my mind. My focus is improving my pool game while B.B. is indisposed with the season. If B.B. doesn’t have a chance to play pool, I might be able to knock him off come summertime at Peabody’s. The best-kept secret is finally out: B.B.’s pool game is twice as good as his hooping skills, and we already know where those skills will take him.

Nov. 26 – Will any more tents join GreenbergOplis tomorrow? I can only hope.

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