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Pigskin Picks 11/8

I’ve wondered what it’s like to sit behind the anchor desk on SportsCenter – having a cohort with which to shoot the breeze and get a second opinion on things.

Writing for this week’s pigfest may be the closest I get.ESPN’s Stuart Scott has submitted his “lines” for this. So prepare to be double-teamed.

If you’ve missed the Bulls in action this semester, you still have two chances to get to Raymond James Stadium with your green and gold faces and watch the Bulls. For those who went to the Homecoming game and saw our team pulverize the Houston Cougars, I’m sure you’ve been motivated to see the Bulls.

Now, let’s get down to the real business at hand.

We’ll try to keep things simple for you picks fans to keep up with the rundown.

Stu: All right. Here’s the dealio. Western Illinois is coming out on top.

Kevin: Wait a minute. You’re picking Illinois over USF? After what the Bulls did last week … this entire season … you’re picking the other team to win? That’s a low blow. I’ll just respectfully disagree – Bulls all the way. Let’s move it along to the next one. What do you think about the Wake Forest game?

Stu: Do you honestly think I’m gonna pick against my Tarheels? Come on. Heels huge over Wake Forest. And tell my buddy, Ricky Proehl of the Rams, I said, “This is for always having big days against Carolina when you were at Wake Forest.”Kevin: Sounds like a reasonable analysis to me, Stu. What about the rest of this weekend’s games? There are some pretty obvious winners heading out on the turf Saturday.

Stu: Miami will roll … ditto Florida … ditto Florida State … ditto Oklahoma. And Go-Gia – not Georgia, but Go-Gia – in a squeaker over Auburn.

Kevin: Miami? OK. Florida – without a doubt. FSU? I’ll sharpen my tomahawk and pull for the Noles. Georgia over Auburn? Sorry. I have friends at Auburn. I think I’ll stay in good with them so I’ll have a free place to stay when I go visit.

Stu: In the game with points, I’ll be Scott Van Pelt’s friend. I’m doing SportsCenter with him tonight, and I’ll pick his Terrapins over Clemson – 31-23.

Kevin: Here’s where we part ways again, my friend. I’m going with Clemson, 21-17.