Editorial: Travel while prices are low

Since the Sept. 11 attacks, terrorists have been sending warnings to Americans threatening future attacks and advising people to “be alert.” However, as no other attacks have been committed it seems that these were attempts to scare people into staying home and further cause problems with society and the economy.

Such warnings by terrorists serve no other purpose than freezing Americans and convincing them not to travel. However, Americans should travel. Americans should get out of their homes and act normally by taking their vacations and taking advantage of the often ridiculously low prices on airlines, cruises and vacation packages.

Students should take the opportunity to travel during their winter break. With cruises as low as $150 and airline tickets at extremely low prices, taking a trip across the nation or even overseas would be ideal.

Even driving to Orlando would help. Stay a night and visit the theme parks. Many are giving great deals to Florida residents including hotels and admission to several parks.

True, this is a time of turmoil, but in a state that depends on travel and tourism, Floridians should do something they statistically do little of and visit their own state’s attractions.

Doing so would help the economy and perhaps even show tourists from other states and countries that Florida is safe and still a fun place to visit.

We shouldn’t be afraid to move in our own country. The threats made by the terrorists are empty but purposeful. By scaring people into staying home, terrorism wins.

We should go online, call travel agencies, book flights and make travel arrangements. Enjoy the great deals while they last because once things head toward normalcy, so will prices.