Pigskin Picks

The honor of writing the weekly “Pork Bowl” column has once again fallen on the shoulders of me, your USF football reporter, Jarrett Guthrie. I’d say hold your applause, but as you can tell from the records below, I don’t deserve kudos. I’m barely breaking .500. To anyone out there who hasn’t read the banter between myself and Sports Editor “Leave a Message For” Brandon Wright, we enjoy our friendly competition. I must say however, I’m a little upset with myself when it comes to my percentage as compared to our other Sports Editor “Special K” Khari Williams and our big boss man Kevin “Business as Usual” Graham.

This week’s guest is Photo Editor Andres “Bet on It” Asturias, who after weeks of taking headshot pictures of our participants, has finally joined this years fraternal order of the pork.

As for this week’s picks, Homecoming is a time for pomp and circumstance with the Bulls pitted against Houston, and the ‘Noles will need to run roughshod over Clemson if they want to stay in big bowl contention. Also, the ‘Canes will look to outscore Temple by 100 points to finally please the Bowl Championship Series gods, as Florida and Vanderbilt face off in conference play. UCLA and Washington State will go at it, as the Bruins look to correct the errors that dropped them out of the Top 10 after last week’s loss. And in our swing game for this week, the Stanford “Bruins Slayer” Cardinals will take on Washington.

So let the e-mails begin. Oh yeah, if you didn’t already know, you can send in your picture to oraclesports@yahoo.com. If you win, you get your mug crammed into one of those tiny little spots under this column the following week. Hey, it’ll give you something to brag about to your friends, and you can send it home to mom to prove you’re being involved and fully appreciating the college experience.

  • Jarrett Guthrie