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Reunion magnet for alumni

In an effort to attract alumni and current students to be a part of the Homecoming celebrations, the Phyllis P. Marshall Center is hosting its annual Union Reunion.

Union Reunion is an event in which former students can come back and participate in USF’s Homecoming celebrations. However, Union Reunion is not only geared toward former students – current students are also welcomed, Laurie Woodward, associate director for the Marshall Center, said.

“We’re hoping to attract former students as well as current students to the event,” Woodward said.

Held in the Marshall Center, Union Reunion starts before the parade and offers music from blues band, Chris Beard Band. While participants are enjoying the live music, they can munch on hot dogs, pretzels and cotton candy and quench their thirst with an assortment of drinks – all of which are free at the event.

Woodward said there will also be a beverage concession stand set up in the lower level of the Marshall Center.

“(Union Reunion) is the starting of the weekend’s events,” Woodward said, “and we’re encouraging people to come out and participate.”

Woodward said people will just have to come out and see for themselves what’s going on at Union Reunion and what the event is all about.

“It’s good music and free food,” Woodward said. “It’s a cool place to be before the parade.”