SG to bus students home from Guavaween

Students looking for a ride back to campus from Guavaween this Saturday will be provided with one, courtesy of Student Government.

David Armstrong, SG business manager, finalized plans with city officials Wednesday afternoon allowing two school buses to meet at the corner of Nuccio and 7th Avenue. Armstrong said there will be many other buses parked in the same location, but the buses for USF students will be easily recognizable.

“We’re going to have two big, pink buses with magnetic SG logos on the side,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong said the buses have a capacity of 43 and will not make stops on a timetable but instead will make trips back to campus as they become filled.

Students will need to present their student ID to board the buses.

Armstrong said there will be three drop-off points at Collegiate Hall, Jefferson Commons and Holly Drive. He said the buses will only travel one way: back to campus.

The company providing the buses, which will operate from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m., is Astro-skate.

Dave Mincberg, student body vice president, said he is relieved that SG was able to procure the service.

“With something like Guavaween, it’s very important that we have (these buses),” Mincberg said.

Armstrong said the original plan was to use Sober Ride vans, but the same insurance problems that forced the service, which provided free rides to students, to shut down, prevented SG from gaining access to them.

He said the cost to rent the buses for one night was about $420 and said that SG will consider renting the buses again for future events like Gasparilla and Independence Day.

Armstrong said that students should be aware that Daylight Savings Time ends at 2 a.m., at which time the clocks will go back to 1 a.m.

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