Pigskin Picks 10/25

With only minutes left on the clock, the crack sports staff knew they had to dig into their bag of tricks to pull off a big win.

Who else could they turn to but The Oracle’s all-time scoring leader Ann “Ant Tracks” Norsworthy to lead them to victory?

Now, I am all about college football.

In fact, I know so much about it that I never keep up with who is playing Pigskin Picks. In fact, I think this may be some illegal form of wagering. Hmmm, illegal activity and college athletics? Never!

Anyhow, I am supposed to tell you guys and gals how to play Pigskin Picks. It’s so easy, just e-mail The Oracle sports gurus a brief explanation about who is your favorite Backstreet Boy.

Wait, I think that may be the rules for my BSB fan club. Hold on a second. Let me go ask Brandon.

OK, I think I have the correct rules. Just e-mail your picks for the selected college football games. Hey, I get it – pigskin. That’s like the football and we are picking the best football team. This is not nearly as difficult as Jarrett said it was going to be.Let’s take a look at line-ups for the week.

We’ve got Bulls against Flames. Gators versus Bulldogs. And my personal favorite Gamecocks fighting Vols.

Our big winner from last week was Greg Jennings, a USF alum from Winter Haven. Great job, Greg.

So, don’t be shy. Pick away. Pick and pick until you get it right.