Bull Bytes 10/24

Q: What’s your favorite golf club?
A: It’s gotta have to be my putter. Because that’s the one you put it in the hole with.

Q: Hook or slice?
A: Hook.

Q: You’re from Mexico. What’s the best golf course in Mexico?
A: The Country Club of Mexico City. It’s just a really nice course. It’s right downtown in Mexico City. It’s just perfect. It’s green with lots of pine trees and vegetation. It’s a really nice golf course.

Q: Can you do any bicycle kicks like (Mexican soccer legend) Hugo Sanchez?
A: Yeah, man. I’m from Mexico. We learn those things. Bicycle kicks are always good.

Q: Have you ever been cliff diving?
A: I have, yeah. I was in Mexico. It was the only way to get to the beach. It was probably, like, 25 feet. Yeah, it hurt, if that’s what you want to know.

Q: Do you ever sound like your parents?
A: Yeah, sometimes I do. My parents are laid-back and I’m laid-back. My parents are always calm and I’m a calm person.

Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
A: My hair. I got a big afro. No, I’m joking. Nothing. I’m OK. I like the way I am.

Q: What is one rule change you would make in golf?
A: Out of bounds. I’ll take it off. I hate being penalized.

Q: What is a career you wouldn’t want?
A: Policeman. I just would not like to be on the street.

Q: If you could pick a team (golfer or non-golfer) to play a foursome with, who would be on it?
A: Tiger Woods, Pamela Anderson and … (long pause) Cindy Crawford. I’ll show her how to swing.