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Pigskin Picks

I don’t feel as if I’ve exactly won the lottery by being designated this week’s Pigskin Picks commentator.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s this space that typically allows us here at The Oracle to show a bit of our journalistic playful side. But this week, I don’t think most of us here are up for too many light-hearted conversations.

You regular Oracle readers probably know what I’m talking about – for those visiting South Florida today and others who may not check us out every day, The Oracle had a bit of an anthrax scare late Monday night.

Don’t worry, we’re holding up just fine. A bit tired. Somewhat uneasy while we await some test results. But if you want all the background on what I’m talking about, find yourself a Wednesday Oracle or check out our Web site.

Hopefully, this weekend’s game against Southern Utah will be some much needed away-from-the-office time for me.

Unfortunately, I missed last week’s home game. And my co-workers seemed to have had a good time judging by the picture of Ann Norsworthy holding a beer with a great big smile on the newsroom wall.

So if you happen to see me in the stadium this weekend, come up and say hi – heck, start the wave for me. It’ll do everybody some good.

Now, on to the picks.

Gavin Croft won last week. I’m not too sure what the competition was like. And Mr. Croft probably doesn’t care, either. What matters is he came out on top.

Our guest this week is Will “That Really Works” Albritton, Oracle movies editor.

He sits near the sports desk and lately seems to be into dispersing his opinion on the Bucs. So look out this week, he might be the one to watch.

I’ll stick to my logical reasoning when it comes to giving my analysis of the games this week. Only one game matters – I pick South Florida against Southern Utah.