Bull Bytes

Q: What kind of music fires you up before a game?
A: I listen to hip hop – Jay Z, Biggie Smalls, Tupac.

Q: Who’s more of an embarrassment to hip hop: Vanilla Ice, MC Hammer or Afroman?
A: (Laughs) Vanilla Ice.

Q: What’s a better hairstyle: corn rows or the afro?
A: Corn rows (Editor’s note … Daley shaved his head days after this interview.)

Q: If you were cornered in a dark alley, which teammate would you want with you?
A: (Without hesitation) Solomon Burgess. (Editor’s note … Burgess is 5-foot-8, 165 pounds.)

Q: What’s your favorite club?
A: Club Atlanta.

Q: Which was/is quieter: the flight back from Utah (after USF’s 52-21 loss) or the Library?
A: Definitely the plane ride from Utah.

Q: What was the last movie you saw?
A: Shanghai Noon.

Q: Who would win in a fight: Jackie Chan or Jet Li?
A: Jackie Chan … he’s more of a defensive fighter.

Q: What would surprise reader’s to know about Chris Daley?
A: I smile about everything.

Q: Do you think football players get a bad rap from students when it comes to classwork?
A: Sometimes. Say, I’m in class, and I get a better grade than someone who’s typically an A or B student; they think I was given the grade. I earn everything I get.