Pigskin Picks 10/11

Was it something I said?

Was it my fault only two people e-mailed in their picks last week?

Maybe all the picking faithful read something in our sports pages that didn’t quite sit right with them. Or maybe they knew USF would be blitzed by the Utes last Saturday, and they didn’t want to go against their Bulls. Perhaps it was the situation in Afghanistan that took everybody’s attention away from college football.

Whatever the reason, only two brave pigskin fans sent their picks our way. And our winner is … the winner from the week before. In a three-way battle, Marcus Jackson gets to have his picture in the column for the second consecutive week. Which would be a great achievement normally, but beating only two other contestants, Marcus must be feeling his victory is a bit diluted.

Sorry, John Johnson, you’re runner-up for the second time in a row. And sorry, Patrick Milburn. A bronze medal is usually a good thing, but in a three-man race, you’re bringing up the rear.

Now, I know everyone has things to do. But trust me, people, this pigskin thing is quick, painless and easy. Just send your picks in with your name, major and a phone number, and you might get your mug in our column the next week. That simple.

And please, don’t say you don’t know anything about college football. USF cross country coach Heather Curtiss admitted she didn’t know the college game, but that didn’t stop her from being this week’s specially invited guest.

I won’t waste too much time discussing the games this week. USF starts its six-game homestand with a visit by Connecticut. The Bulls won 21-13 last year, and this year’s margin should be wider. In the biggest game of the year so far, Miami travels to

Tallahassee to take on the hometown Seminoles. Though Florida State is tough to beat at home, Miami is on a high and I think FSU is ripe for the taking, what with their 41-9 loss to North Carolina a few weeks back.

In the rest of the matchups, No. 2 Florida will take care of Auburn, Alabama should handle Mississippi, Michigan over Purdue and UCLA wins out vs. Washington.

There you have it, folks. Drop off your picks by The Oracle office (SVC 0002) or e-mail them in by noon Saturday. If Marcus is going to win again, let him work for it this time.