Solid practice following Utah defeat

A lot of cross-field running ended Monday’s evening practice. South Florida coaches seemed ready to focus on Saturday’s game against Connecticut.

“Probably our best Monday night practice yet. The guys were serious, focused and they worked. I didn’t expect anything less,” USF coach Jim Leavitt said.

Leavitt, who usually runs after practice with the Bulls, added some additional laps to his normal running routine. He said he deserved to go a few extra laps after last Saturday’s loss to Utah.

“I owed that to the team,” Leavitt said.

Injury report

Leavitt said there were no major injuries coming out of the Utah game. Sophomore safety J.R. Reed worked out at full speed during practice. Also practicing after leaving Saturday’s game was senior Bernard Brown. Defensive back Kenny Robinson, who left Saturday after crossing the field to stop Utah’s Adam Tate from scoring at the 3-yard line, also practiced.

Leavitt said sophomore Mike Minus also had a full practice, but senior running back Derrick Rackard’s ankle kept him at half speed. Sophomore defensive back John Miller also practiced Monday after injuring his ankle at Utah.

  • Jarrett Guthrie