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Letters to the Editor 10/8

University should provide healthy food

In response to the article “Health-conscious fast food” in The Oracle for Wednesday, I feel that students should not have to leave campus just to get a healthy meal.

At Evos, health is the theme, while at Café Good Eats, malnutrition seems to be the theme.

The new “all-pizza diet” is the only way to go for any vegetarians out there. It is almost a constant to have an empty salad bowl or no garden burgers in that dining hall.

The residents of USF pay good money in order to eat at these places and should not have to sacrifice their health. I know that I do not speak only for myself when I say this. I could tell many stories of other students’ frustrating visits to Café Good Eats.I dread eating there; however, it is the only place on campus to eat after 7 p.m. I think it is time to make a change to this terrible situation.

I suggest that at all meals, satisfactory nutrition values should have to be met. I have been vegetarian for almost five years now, and I have never had a problem meeting my nutritional standards of getting protein and eating a balanced diet, until I began trying to find nutritional meals at Good Eats.

Because young adults need good nutrition, those at Café Good Eats must find a way to meet our needs if they wish to remain on our campus.

  • Stephen Racano is a freshman whose major is undeclared.

    O’Reilly not to blame for professor’s remarks

    I would like to share my opinion of Alex Hardman’s Thursday column, “Al-Arian must have worst luck ever.” This is the best representation of truth coming out of the whole O’Reilly interview “scandal.”

    Everyone is so quick to complain about O’Reilly, making him the bad guy and Dr. Al-Arian the innocent, misrepresented guy.But Alex is absolutely right, USF would never tolerate a staff member who said, “KKK is our path. Victory to … Death to …” So why should everyone automatically defend Dr. Al-Arian who said, “Jihad is our path. Victory to Islam. Death to Israel”?

    Why blame O’Reilly? No matter how you feel about his show, that doesn’t change the fact that Dr. Al-Arian said such horrible, prejudiced remarks.

  • Sarah Thompson is a senior majoring in English.