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Letters to the Editor 9/27

Letter not written by open-minded person

When I was reading today?s paper, I came across a letter sent by Mrs. Eve Royffe talking about countries having the right to defend against terrorists … actually that was the title, and to be honest, it?s the only thing in the letter that sounded right.

In the letter, Mrs. Royffe said that keeping Palestinians in desolation and feeding them hate makes murderers.

Mrs. Royffe, first of all, let me tell you that when reading your letter, I saw hate. I didn?t have that feeling that it was written by a mature open-minded person. I really think that you don?t even know what you are talking about. What you are doing is making your opinions sound like facts … and that?s wrong.

Let me explain something: It?s not Mr. Arafat who is feeding Palestinians hate, but watching their kids and wives die and not being able to do anything about it is. Will it be OK for you to let somebody come to your house, kick you out, and take away anything precious you have ? of course not.

But it is exactly what the Jews did. They got together, looked at the map, and said,”Oh, Palestine looks nice, what do you think?” They came, kicked Palestinians out of their homes, and then took everything away and by the way, these are real facts.

Another thing, Mrs. Royffe clearly said that it?s Palestinians who sent the terrorists. Once again, please, Mrs. Royffe, stop making your opinions sound like facts. What happened Sept. 11 was horrible, but jumping to conclusions is not the right thing to do ? especially from an academic advisor (with all my respect).

And talking about Mr. Arafat, well let?s say he has 20-plus billion dollars, why will he use them? So the Israelis can steal that too?

This money, if there is any, is the only thing left that can guarantee a new start for Palestine and a new and peaceful life.

  • Imane Haimeur is a sophomore majoring in business and management.

    Oracle makes another poor choice of photographs

    The photo of the “performance artist” urinating on himself was a poor choice for The Oracle. Once again, the staff and editors chose the low road, ignoring the many productive and tasteful options, in favor of illuminating the distasteful and offensive.

    Surely there were many other happenings around campus most of us would have rather seen ? the student sympathy banner (for New York and Washington)being signed in Cooper Hall would have been a better reflection of campus creativity.

    A note to John Gilbert: If urinating is considered “performance art,” then we are all performance artists, and your project does not set you apart. It simply makes you a guy who urinated publicly into a bag.

  • D.Stafford is a senior majoring in anthropology.