Brief scrimmage closes practice for football team

Wednesday evening?s practice lasted about 2 1/2 hours and concluded with a set of mock drives pitting South Florida?s first-team offense vs. its first-team defense. The drive set the offense on their 40- yard-line and gave them 45 seconds and no timeouts to get the team in field goal position. The first drive was highlighted by two sideline outs caught by sophomore wide receiver Huey Whittaker. With seven seconds left, the offense attempted a 47-yard field goal, which was blocked by senior cornerback Bernard Brown.

USF coach Jim Leavitt was pleased with Wednesday?s practice, saying it was the most productive practice since before the Pittsburgh game.

?We had the kind of practice that we are accustomed to,? said Leavitt. ?Guys worked hard and did good things. Since before Pittsburgh, I don?t know if we?ve had a practice like this. Guys were focused, worked hard and did some good things. It was encouraging because we need to get back into a rhythm.?

X-rays negative

Concerns about junior wide receiver Ryan Hearn arose after he went down on his shoulder in practice. However, after leaving the field for an X-ray, coach Jim Leavitt said there was no serious injury and it should not keep Hearn out of practice.

Rubin returns to practice

Junior wide receiver DeAndrew Rubin returned to practice on Wednesday after returning from Memphis with an illness. Also returning to practice Wednesday was freshman defensive lineman Matt Groelinger, who was also ill.

  • Jarrett Guthrie