Bull Bytes

Q: What?s the biggest thing you dislike about England?
A: I would have to say the cold weather and none of the girls had tans (laughs) ? they?re pretty pasty.

Q: You were at Wake Forest. What?s different about USF?
A: It?s night and day. Wake Forest was a very small, conservative school. Over here it?s so huge, you can find your niche easily ? so many different places you can go. I really, really am glad I made the move.

Q: What?s your favorite Bob Marley song?
A: “Three Little Birds.” I?m not a big Bob Marley fan. The Grateful Dead and Phish are my two favorite bands.

Q: Who?s your favorite player in soccer and outside of soccer?
A: I don?t watch a whole lot, but being in England this past few months I really respect Beckham and MacManaman. Outside of soccer, my father (Bruce) I guess. He played college baseball, and almost went professional ? he played for UNC-Wilmington. If I could say something ? I trained with a club over there, FC Goodfellas, those guys would love it if they could see their name in the Florida paper.

Q: Why do you grow your hair so long?
A: I really like the style. I like the whole hippie music, and a lot of those kind of people have their hair long. I just like the way it looks.

Q: How badly would the men?s team beat the women?s team?
A: (laughs) I can?t touch that. I don?t know. I?d say we?d probably go down 4-0 (laughs).

Q: If you had to be a woodland creature, which one would you be?
A: I would be a flying squirrel. I?ve seen squirrels scamper around, running up trees. Looks like a lot of fun, and I?d like to be able to fly.

Q: What?s the most beautiful place you?ve ever visited?
A: I have to say two places: First, the Greek islands. I went there in early June and it was just gorgeous ? the beaches, the water, it was just beautiful. Second, I would have to say Amsterdam, Holland.

Q: Do you ever dream about soccer games?
A: No, I don?t really dream about soccer. But during preseason when we were going two-a-days, every time we?d get time off we?d just go home and sleep, we were so tired, working hard. All I could dream about was Mike Duncan running soccer drills on us. That?s the honest truth; it was horrible.

Q: What?s your favorite food?
A: I like Chinese food a whole lot, and I like that China Buffet out on Fowler. That?s a great place. I also like my mom?s cooking, too.