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Bull Bytes 9/19

Q: Confirm or deny: Are you the biggest trash talker on the team?
A: Well ? yes and no. When I get on the field that is how I have my fun ? by talking noise to them on the defense. I tend to get them off of their game sometimes. That?s why I do it. So it could be a ?yes? and a ?no? question. I know when it?s time to get the job done, I got to get it done.

Q: Who is your favorite commentator on ESPN of all time?
A: (Dick) Vitale.

Q: If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
A: I would want to be Randy Moss because I think he?s like Superman. He is unstoppable.

Q: What is your favorite CD of all time?
A: If I was on a desert island, I would want to listen to the Hot Boyz, Gorilla Warfare.

Q: Is there a defensive back in the NFL that you could beat one-on-one?
A: To be honest with you, I think I could beat anybody one-on-one. If I put my mind to it and I work as hard as I can work, I feel that I don?t think a defensive back out there could run with me.

Q: Who is the best dancer on the team?
A: The best dancer I would say would be ? um ? it?ll come to me ? Selmon. Lee Roy Selmon Jr.

Q: What is your favorite sport, cricket or polo?
A: It would be cricket because my mom is from the West Indies.

Q: What do you think about Memphis being a seven-point favorite in Saturday?s game?
A: I look at it like this: If we do what we do on offense and defense, I don?t think we are going to look at that. Right now, everybody has got us as underdogs. We?ve got to go out there and work hard. But they aren?t going to give us nothing. We got to prove ourselves.

Q: If you were the NFL commissioner, would you have had teams play on Sunday?
A: No ? no, I wouldn?t have played because it was devastating for the whole country. It?s just that I don?t think that any of the football players were focused. I was broken down too, and I don?t think I would have done good in a game.

Q: Do you think Barry Bonds will hit 71 (home runs)?
A: Most definitely. I?m not a big baseball fan, but I always see him on ESPN. He?ll get it.

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