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A view of Italy

From world-renound food and wine to historic ruins and high fashion, Italy has something for every kind of traveler. The majestic caves of marble in Carrara and the crystal blue seas of Sicily are only bits of history that show Italy is much more than the Colisuem or the Vatican.

A traveler?s highlights:
1) Roma (Rome) ? a gigantic outdoor museum
2) Sicily ? local culture and the seas
3) Siena ? much better than Florence
4) Carrara ? incredible caves of marble
5) Il Palio ? festival in Siena with violent horse races
6) Venezia (Venice) ? go during the winter; it smells during the summer
7) Capri ? Roman ruins and incredible beaches
8) Pompeii ? a look back at 2,000 years ago
9) Montemarcello ? Italy?s most beautiful little town
10) Wine, food, cars and soccer

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