Editorial: Turn to other news events

Amidst the chaos and media coverage of the attacks in New York and Washington D.C., much important news has been ignored. People must do their best to pull themselves away from this tragedy a bit to see what other events have unfolded in the nation, their hometowns and states so they can begin to readjust to daily life.

Several stories broke this week, but none have gotten any proper news coverage due to the tragic events that occurred Tuesday. While it is important not to ignore that, it is equally important not to allow it to engulf one?s life. The events that happened Tuesday are greatly important and should not be undermined, but on the other hand neither should other important news.

For instance, most Floridians have been so engrossed in the news coverage of the tragedy that they are unaware of impending danger approaching in the Gulf of Mexico, named Tropical Storm Gabrielle.

Floridians especially must switch their focus the events of New York and Washington for a little while in order to prepare for a potential tragedy of their own. We must all get on with our lives and an event such as a natural disaster might be what shocks us out of what?s going on elsewhere. But in order to avoid tragedy, we must change the channels and read the local papers for information on Gabrielle before it is too late.

It is time for the news to begin helping the nation shift toward daily actions through moving its coverage slowly away from the terrorist attacks. This doesn?t mean it should be dropped altogether, but the focus of news should reflect more of the nation?s events. Until the media shifts its focus, the people of the United States will not begin to properly heal.