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Interview: In the opinion of an expert

Q: What is your initial reaction to the attack?
A: This is a wake-up call for America. We are experiencing today what a lot of countries experience every day.

Q: Were you surprised by the attack?
A: It was not as surprising because so much has been written about (the United State?s vulnerability to a terrorist attack). It was just a matter of time.

Q: Who is to blame?

A: We, ourselves, are to blame for this. I have been concerned about something like this for years. We have some of the most lax security in the world.I think (the Oklahoma City Bombing) taught us two things. One, we need to be careful about finger-pointing. And two, it takes time to find the perpetrator.

Q: Could we have prevented this attack?
A: How many of us have access to inside security? Terrorism is always unpredictable.

Q: Has the president done a sufficient job thus far?
A: In time of crisis, a president needs to calm the country. I think by his remarks today he has tried to settle the frazzled nerves of America.

Q: What, if any good, can come out of this?
A: A lot more Americans will get their priorities in order and will tell their families that they love them tonight.

Interview complied by news editor Ryan Meehan.