Violence must end now

Religious violence is nothing new in the world, but lately, attacks in certain areas of the world have increased, and the perpetrators on each side need to cease fire and begin talks to bring about peace. Two parts of the world, specifically Northern Ireland and Israel, have gotten out of hand. The people involved in these tactics should bring words, not guns, to the forefront of their argument because that is the only way to stop innocent people from being both involved and hurt.

In Northern Ireland, a Protestant faction exploded bombs near a Roman Catholic girls school. The girls were taken home, but some experienced minor injuries, as did one?s mother, and all were shaken by the violence. Such attacks are not new and were in response to the supposed killing of a 16-year-old Protestant boy by Catholics. The attacks have not caused either side to acknowledge any blame or to offer an apology. Instead, the violence seems sure to continue as both sides remain steadfast in their beliefs that each is in the right.

Similarly, attacks in Israel and Palestine have increased exponentially. Sunday, a suicide bomber targeting an Israeli train station killed three Israelis and himself. In Israel and Palestine, children and teen-agers have gotten involved in committing violent acts and are often killed in confrontations with more heavily armed opponents.

The saddest and most ironic point in both Israel and Northern Ireland is that all of the religions involved are not violent by nature. Instead, they have chosen violent means of exacting their political and religious beliefs. Each of these groups has similarities with their supposed enemies, but until they put their guns and artillery down, the violence and death will continue and innocent people, such as children, will unfortunately be the most undeserving targets.