Bull Bytes

Q: Who would play you in a movie of your life?
A: It would be a hybrid cross between Tom Cruise and Chris Farley

Q: What is the most money you?ve ever paid for shoes?
A: I?ve never paid for shoes. I usually only wear Adidas and they are given to me. I probably haven?t paid for shoes in 20 years.

Q: Who is your favorite cartoon character?
A: Wow, that?s a tough one. There are so many. I have a plethora of favorites, but I?d probably say the Road Runner. He is the star of his own cartoon and he only has to say ?Beep-beep.?

Q: When do coaches learn those clichés they use?
A: About your third year. In your first year you try to tell everyone everything. After your third year you start to choose your words for clarity and don?t rely on an editor.

Q: Can you hum the USF fight song?
A: Ouch. It could get very ugly. You know, some people are blessed with no musical talent, I have less than zero.

Coach, I?m going to give you the names of some key sports figures. Give me your first reactions.

Q: Pelé ? soccer legend
A: He?s a great person and a great ambassador.

Q: Mamadou Diallo ? Tampa Bay Mutiny forward
A: He has a lot of skill and potential, but mentally he needs to improve. I wouldn?t want to mark him in a game. No, actually I would.

Q: George W. Bush ? President of the United States
A: I?m not quite sure about that one. He played baseball for Yale, right? I guess he knew the only way he?d throw a pitch at the World Series was to become president.

Q: Who is your favorite Little Rascal?
A: My hair is more like Alfalfa?s ? but you got Spanky there, too. But I think you?ve really got to give it to Froggy.

Q: Who has a better hairstyle: Carlos Valderrama or Seth Greenberg?
A: I?d definitely give it to Seth Greenberg. Valderrama, he has a flamboyant style with that wild yellow hair but it takes a very talented stylist to work with Seth?s two hairs. I think he?ll definitely be a member of the ?All-Bald? team.