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Editorial: Aggressive tactics should stop

Clipboard-toting sales people pushing free items on campus when students sign up for credit cards have become a nuisance. If the university is allowing these people to come on campus and disrupt the university, they need to make sure the people offering the credit cards are not forcing themselves onto students.

These persistent sales are irritating when pushed too far. If they are not getting university permission, then they need to be removed. This is a distraction that students do not need, especially in the forceful manner these people often use to sell their product.

The sales pitch is pushed on students all over campus – from walkways, to the Marshall Center, to the parking lots – the persistent nagging is getting out of hand and could be easily remedied if the salespeople would use less badgering tactics.

They are pushing too hard at orientation, which is a time when new students should be getting comfortable with the university, not being power sold on a credit card.

These people are forcing themselves on students, often not even waiting to be recognized. It is a simple matter of being civil. If you are going to sell your company or product, then have enough respect for students to accept no for an answer. Is the university granting these people patron status so they can offer free T-shirts or hats when a student signs up for a credit card?

If they are, then they need to monitor these people’s tactics. They are quite simply a detriment to the university.

There is no problem with them offering credit cards to students, it’s probably a good service – however, the constant barrage and ridicule after a refusal effects the learning process, which perhaps contrary to popular opinion is the paramount priority of this university.