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Surviving Thanksgiving with a divided family

A sketch on Saturday Night Live mocked divided family members by advising them to play “Hello” by Adele to ease the tension on Thanksgiving. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE Every year, students find themselves returning home for the holidays to atmospheres that often contradict the views many hold dear. While normal […]

Spending the holidays in Tampa

Students staying in Tampa for Thanksgiving can either opt for the conventional large dinner or try a smaller substitute instead, depending on the size of their company. SPECIAL TO THE ORACLE. At this point in the semester, students are grateful for the arrival of Thanksgiving, which is a short reprieve […]

Turkey, football and giving thanks

Christmas is certainly a premium holiday. According to Wal-Mart, the holiday season begins after Labor Day and lasts until early February. Gifts, decorations and Christmas candy are on sale throughout the year, and the joy of the holiday is undeniable. But jolly December would be nothing without the very important […]